CARES act - Stimulus due to COVID-19 pandemic

With the ongoing pandemic, the government has released a stimulus packet to majority of americans. However not everyone are entitled to receive it based on income, and immigration status.

The amount is $1,200 for most individuals and $500 for dependent children below the age of 16. For an example, Single Adult with 1 dependent child will be entitled for $1,200 + $500, total of $1,700. Married Couple with 1 dependent child $2,400 + $500 = total of $2,900.

For Singles earning over 75,000 and Married Couples earning over $150,000 the amount will not be the standard $1,200 per individual, it will be adjusted by the government based on income.

Congress is currently working on another bill called the HEROES act which may call for another round of the stimulus, but as of June 29, 2020 nothing yet has been finalized its currently only here-say....