Extension Forms/Links

If your not yet ready for the April 15, 2024 tax deadline, here the links and forms to file an extension for Federal and States. If you file the 3 month extension your next deadline will be July 15, 2024 If you file the 6 month extension your next deadline will be October 15, 2024. **2023 FORMS WILL BE UPLOADED STARTING FEB. 1, 2024 Please be advised if you will end up owing taxes to either federal or state taxes penalty and interest will still be assessed. But if you are due a refund there will be no penalty and interest. Keep in mind, filing an extension is just an extension of time.

Federal Extension

Fill in Form 4868, for detailed intructions please read pages 1-3 of Form 4868. Right-Click to Open.


MD Extension

You can file your extension for Maryland via mail or telephone. If you choose to file by mail, please Right-Click on document and complete and submit. (Instructions and Mailing Address are attached). If you choose to file by telephone, simply call 1-800-260-3664, make sure to write down your confirmation number.


VA Extension

Please print out form, fill in your SSN, Address, and expected tax liability, if none report $0.00. Right-Click Document to Open.