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Checklist for Starting a Business

This checklist is a guide to help you prepare a comprehensive business plan and determine if your idea is feasible, to identify questions and problems you will face in converting your idea into reality and to prepare for starting your business.Right-Click here to open document.

Download: PDF icon Cklist_for_Starting_a_Business.pdf
Business Entity Comparison

Want to start a business? Before you do, learn the different types of Business Entities. Right-Click here to open article.

Download: PDF icon Business_Entity_Comparison.pdf
Starting a Business and Keeping Records

IRS Publication 583 - Starting a Business and Keeping Records. This is a very useful guideline for those who are planning to start a business and for those who currently have a business. This booklet explains all the required filing regarding corporate taxes, self-employment taxes, even payroll taxes. It also explains how you can do bookkeeping and record keeping of all activity of the business. Right-click here to open document.

Download: PDF icon 2016_irs_publication_583.pdf
Mileage Log

IRS stongly advises individuals who want to take advantage of the mileage deduction on their tax return; to keep a very good record of total miles. This EXCEL spreadheet is and example on how to keep track of your mileage. Mileage log books are also available for purchase at your local office supplies store. **Always remember when deducting mileage you can only calim total miles from Job Destination A to B,etc. and NEVER from Home to Job.

Download: Office spreadsheet icon MILEAGE LOG.xls