I received a notice and also heard in the news, that it is now Mandatory or Required By Law to "E-file" or file electronicaly? Is this true? What are my options if I choose not to E-File? But if I have no options, does your company offer "E-File" service?

Yes that is True, for all Tax Preparers/Accountants we are now Required By Law to elctronically file tax returns we prepare and no longer submit paper returns. This law is mandated for all "individual income tax returns" but for corporate tax returns, we still have the option to file it as a "Paper Return". There are a few clauses with this requirement, if you will be taking advantage of the "First-Time" Homebuyer Credit, you will file a "Paper" return because the Settlement Papers (Hud-1 Form) must be attached with the return. If you choose not to file Electronically, there is a form available to complete that will be submitted with your tax return. And finally Yes, we do offer the E-file service to all individuals and business'. There is a $30 E-File Transmission Fee.